Greentech Knowledge Solutions

Providing services for adoption of Clean Technologies and Solutions
Some of our illustrious clients include:

We have also worked with Clients like World Bank, Development Alternatives, The Energy Research Institute, Milestone Ecofirst, IIT Delhi among others.

We work in close collaboration with many companies, NGOs, as well as experienced independent consultants like:

  1. Enzen Global Solutions, Bangalore
  2. Clean Air Task Force, USA
  3. Entec AG, Vietnam
  4. University of Illinois, USA
  5. Climate & Health Research Network, USA
  6. Prayag Clay Products Pvt Lt, Varanasi
  7. Damle Clay Products Pvt Ltd, Pune
  8. N B Institute of Rural Technology, Kolkatta
  9. Fourth Vision, Ahmedabad
  10. Himachal Consultancy Organization Ltd, Shimla
  11. Society to Create Awareness towards Life & Environment (SCALE), New Delhi
  12. Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective
  13. EvalueS, Auroville
  14. Energetic Consulting Pvt Ltd, Thane
  15. Auroville Renewable Energy (AURORE), Auroville
  16. Varun Techno Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (VTIPL), Bhubaneswar
  17. Bhagwat Technologies and Energy Conservation Private Limited (BTECON), New Delhi
  18. Innotem Services Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
  19. P. G. Ganapathy
  20. Richard Sequeria
  21. Arif Abbas
  22. Rekha Krishnan
  23. Soma Dutta