150 billion sqm of new buildings are expected to be constructed over next 40 years in South Asia and Africa; this is almost 3 times of the existing building stock in these regions. These new buildings will require huge quantities of materials for construction and will consume enormously large amount of energy, year-after-year, for operation.

Greentech Knowledge Solutions is a Research and Advisory firm which offer services and solutions for improving energy efficiency in buildings, improving resource efficiency in the production of building materials and deployment of decentralized renewable energy systems. Our spectrum of services ranges from assessment of technologies, development of design concepts and design advice, policy research and advocacy, & training and knowledge dissemination.

Dr. Sameer Maithel wins 2017 Climate and Clean Air Award for Individual Achievement at COP23

The exchange of extended MoU for the Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP)

Release of “Design Guidelines for Energy Efficient Multi-storey Residential Buildings”.

25 years in clay brick sector

40 brick kilns monitored

2000 brick kiln owners trained

A lot left to be done…

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