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Green Buildings


  • Energy efficient building design: GKSPL has strong technical skills to provide energy efficiency and occupant comfort advisory support for building projects. The services include evaluation of potential of project specific energy efficiency strategies related to building envelope, lighting design and HVAC design.
  • Building energy simulation: GKSPL deploys state-of-the-art simulation tools for the thermal performance and daylighting analysis of building design. This helps in evaluating the energy saving potential of various design strategies and making informed decisions during the building design stage.
  • Renewable energy integration: GKPL extends its expertise in renewable energy sector to building sector by providing end to end solutions for integration of renewable energy in the buildings.
  • Integrated design charrettes: GKSPL have expertise in conducting design charrettes for fostering integrated design process early in the building design. The charrette facilitates collaboration between all the stakeholders of buildings to develope energy efficiency concepts for projects.
  • Policy advisory: GKSPL works with Government depatments and International Development Agencies to assist them in the development and mainstreaming of policies related to building energy efficiency.
  • Training and capacity building:áGKSPL believes that training and dissemination of knowledge is important to develop next generation professionals in the domain of building energy efficiency. GKSPL provide training programme related to integrated design charrette, building energy efficiency, application of renewable energy in buildings and use of energy simulation tools.


  1. Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP): GKSPL is the Indian Project Mangement and Technical Unit (PMTU) for this project. BEEP aims to reduce energy consumption in new commercial buildings and to disseminate best practices for the construction of low energy residential and public buildings. BEEP is conducting and promoting the Integrated Design Charrette concept to develop the energy concept and advisories for the building project. BEEP recently launched the "Design guidelines for energy efficient multi-storey residential buildings for composite and hot-dry climate". We are working with Public Works Department of state of Karnataka and Rajasthan for developing template standards for new government buildings.
  2. Energy simulation & daylight analysis for an IT building at Thimphu, Bhutan: Annual energy usage simulation to devise various energy saving methods for USGBC LEED-CS certification of a 50,000 ft2 (G+2 storey) building. Savings measures included solar based space heating and daylight analysis. (Client: ENZEN)
  3. Building Design Advisory: Integrated Design workshop to optimize the design the design of a rural school building for indoor comfort and energy efficiency. (Client: bioRe Association)
  4. Low energy concepts and energy simulation for temple building at Jaipur: LEED-INDIA NC certification; Earth Air Tunnel analysis; Fašade mounted Photovoltaic System; Solar Water Heating system; Kitchen waste based biogas system. (Client: ISKCON Group, India)
  5. Energy conservation advisory services for resort at Nangal: Envelope energy efficiency measures; Energy efficient technology options; Renewable Energy Integration (Solar/biomass based cooking, Solar water heater). (Client: Koti Resorts, Shimla, India)
  6. Energy simulation & daylight analysis for a hotel building at Hyderabad: LEED-INDIA NC green rating; Energy Simulation including Building envelope optimization, Fašade solar study and shading analysis; Daylight analysis. (Client: Milestone Ecofirst Advisory Services (P) Ltd, India)
  7. Energy advisory services for a Hotel building at Faridabad: Energy-efficiency envelope measures; Re-sizing of HVAC system; Economic analysis. (Client: Asian Colour Coated Ispat Ltd. (ACCIL), Gurgaon, India)
  8. Energy simulation & daylight analysis for a residential building at Hyderabad: IGBC Green Homes certification; Energy Simulation including Building envelope optimization , Fašade solar study and shading analysis; Daylight analysis. (Client: KONCEPT Ambience Properties Ltd, Secundrabad, India)

Knowledge Products

  1. Position paper on low carbon resource efficient urban housing.
  2. Low carbon resource efficient urban housing.pdf

  3. Design Guidelines for Energy-Efficient Multi-Storey Residential Buildings: Composite and Hot-Dry Climates
  4. Design Guideline_ Composite and Hot-Dry Climates.pdf

  5. Brochure for Design Guidelines for Energy-Efficient Multi-Storey Residential Buildings
  6. Design Guideline_Brochure.pdf

  7. Design Guidelines for Energy-Efficient Multi-Storey Residential Buildings: Warm-Humid Climate
  8. Design Guideline_Warm-Humid Climate.pdf

  9. Booklet on Thermal Insulation of Buildings for Energy Efficiency
  10. Insulation Booklet.pdf

  11. Case study of an Energy-Efficient Building: Aranya Bhawan
  12. Case Study_Aranya Bhawan.pdf

  13. Training Manual on Measuring the characteristics of Thermal Properties of Building Insulation Materials
  14. Training Manual.pdf

  15. Guidelines for Energy-Efficient & Thermally Comfortable Public Buildings in Karnataka
  16. BEEP Karnataka Guidelines.pdf